The IMC Lab + Gallery is a multimedia art space and technology research lab with a focus on interactive art and creative software. We support artists and coders who explore imaginative uses for new technologies.  Our rotating exhibitions and public programs showcase a variety of new media and explore the convergence of the virtual and the real within the framework of activism and collaboration.

Program Description

Climate Art: New Ways of Seeing Data
Opening Reception: Oct. 11, 7PM-9PM;
Ongoing Exhibition: Oct. 12 – Nov. 27
56 W 22nd St, 6th Floor

Aaron Koblin –
Ben Fry –
Ursula Endlicher –
Nathalie Miebach –
Camille Seaman –
Karolina Sobecka –

Climate Art: New Ways of Seeing Data: an exhibition showcasing the work of data artists on the subject of climate change.  Data-driven art is part of a growing movement of artists focusing on the graphic side of data-analysis. By visualizing data in creative and informative ways, data-artists reveal trends and patterns otherwise invisible, providing insight into the processes of our world, and extending our ability to understand our surroundings.  Data visualizations elucidate climate change, which is a complex and opaque process; despite the immediacy of climate change, statistics and their immediate impact are often difficult to comprehend.  The pieces included will illustrate climate change data in creative and informative ways, blending media and art genres, communicating issues we cannot grasp through statistics and data tables alone.  The exhibition will be curated by Isabel Draves, Founder of LISA (Leaders in Software and Art).


Special Thanks

Ballroom Marfa
Robert Rauschenberg Foundation
The Public Concern Foundation