WATERWASH ABC is one of several permanent public wetland parks by Lillian Ball, and is a concept that can be adapted to coastal situations worldwide. The Bronx River project construction was completed in 2011 by a cooperative team of engineers, scientists, and excavators with Ball as visual and managerial coordinator. Job skills trainees from Rocking the Boat, a local nonprofit that teaches kids to build wooden boats and do environmental work on the river, planted over 10,000 indigenous plants to transform the landfill site. As the native plantings mature, WATERWASH offers extensive educational outreach opportunities to demonstrate the ways this wetland acts as natural buffer for sea level rise, while improving water quality, and creating wildlife habitat. WATERWASH ABC filters commercial parking lot stormwater runoff before it enters the river, opens private property to pubic use, and was funded by the NY State Attorney General’s Office with fines collected from polluters to the river.

Project Description

WATERWASH® welcomes Reverend Billy and Earthalujah Choir to Bronx River.

Oct 5 at 1pm
WATERWASH ABC wetland/grassland park on the Bronx River

Ecological artist Lillian Ball is collaborating with performance artists Reverend Billy and the Earthalujah Choir, to produce a musical event at the WATERWASH ABC wetland/grassland park on the Bronx River at 1pm on October 5th, 2013. Osomocene Productions ( Inés Garcia, director and Seth Baum, scientist) will lead a procession at 12:30 from the Hunts Point #6 Subway to the park. The multicultural choir will sing original songs about climate change and public space to diverse audience members located on shore and in the river (on boats rowed by Rocking the Boat’s Program Assistants). Their creative action strategies illustrate the impacts of over-consumption on the earth in a joyous atmosphere that converts the everyday person into a believer inspired towards change. The WATERWASH wetland is a perfect place to sing the extinct Golden Toads back to life, reversing one aspect of many climate issues that Reverend Billy and the choir speak to.



Special Thanks

ABC Carpet
Bronx River Alliance
Rocking the Boat