Alex Travers calls David Brooks’ Gap Ecology an “extraordinary gesture”

An excerpt from “Bridging the Gap,” by Alex Travers in Quest Magazine

“Gap Ecology (Three Still Lives with Cherry Pickers and Palms),” Socrates Sculpture Park’s current installation by artist David Brooks, is composed of three 60-foot boom lifts filled with plants….

The artist’s extraordinary gesture was inspired by the light gaps—exposed areas formed by falling trees that allow new species to grow—of the Amazon rainforest. At first glace, it may be difficult to relate “Gap Ecology” to this phenomenon. But the presence of Manhattan’s skyline looming in the background almost slows down time and points out things you’ve never seen before. With all this in place, it’s easier to begin to understand Brooks’ work: These lights gaps resemble the electric-light gaps of New York City—“from dormant construction sites, to the formation of urban parkland, or natural disasters such as Sandy,” he explains. In fact, Brooks relocates the installation to a different spot in the park each week. While this move may seem purely cinematic, he claims it highlights how important structural flexibly is to urban environments.

Brooks excels at showcasing the relationship between the individual and the built and natural environment.

Read Travers’ full review of David Brooks’ Gap Ecology here:

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