Arshake on IMC Lab + Gallery’s “Climate Art: New Ways of Seeing Data”

Italian tech publication Arshake reviews MD/NY partner IMC Lab + Gallery’s ongoing exhibition Climate Art: New Ways of Seeing Data:

Climate and climate change-related data lend themselves to becoming creative material for artists who process and visualize these issues through specifically designed softwares. Climate is both the subject and the object of the «Climate Art: New Ways of Seeing Data» exhibition presented by the IMC Lab + Gallery, a New York City-based organization that has been supporting artists since 2001. Collaborating artists explore imaginative uses of technology and combine the tangibility of objects with the intangibility of virtual space.

The choice of theme and the method of this exhibit reveal two very important aspects regarding the relationship between art, life and the technological world: the attention that art pays to climate change, its visualization through data collection and its organization in thematic mappings. Several artists have used the topic of climate as the subject for their work over the years, being that interest in this issue has increased exponentially with the ecological threat of global warming.

Read the rest of the article here, and to learn more about IMC Lab + Gallery and the exhibition, visit their profile page.

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