Listen to podcasts presented by Mary Miss/City As Living Laboratory

Be sure to check out these podcast episodes presented by Mary Miss/City as Living Laboratory in preparation for their event tomorrow.

Although there are a number of great recordings by Mary Miss at Culture Now, here are two of the most relevant to MD/NY:

1. Discussing Broadway 1000 Steps: City as Living Laboratory, an art installation whose goal is to “foster public understanding of the natural systems and infrastructure that supports life in the city. Through exploration of the Broadway corridor, viewers will become aware that nature is everywhere and in action at all times, that the city is an urban ecosystem, that innumerable numbers of small decisions over time have shaped the environment we inhabit today and that our decisions today (behavioral choices) will impact the future of all of nature.”

2. Describing the FLOW (Can You See the River) project. FLOW is landscape Artwork that “will reveal important and unique elements of the water system through a series of installations at stopping points along the river and canal, engaging residents and increasing awareness of the watershed and the role it plays in the city’s life.”

Finally, you should visit the Earth Institute at Columbia’s blog, “State of the Planet“, for posts by Mary Miss.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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